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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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a record. second place goes to president obama speech. he had 52,000 tweets per minute. tonight's doubled that number z within the first 30 minutes. twitter. .com. you can check out fox your other news source you know, greta i continue to say twitter is great but nanna has no idea what i'm talking about right now. nanna, nanna @ nanna. >> there gou. >> when we come back a final thought live from denver, keep it here.
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and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never missed a beat. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. the fact is that if you're the race the way you describe, governor, it's not possible to come up with enough loopholes that only affect high income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. it's math. it's arithmetic. >> you heard that line from
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the president a couple times about math. post game reaction over the spin alley behind you. david axel dgs rod said romney is a good debateor but it's not a game changer z saying if this was a game the ref would have called it. there you have it. both sides weighing in on what you're going see. >> just to give you a shot of what we're seeing this is david axel rod. if we take this camera, you can see they're gathered around and he's talking about the debate. and is saying it's not a game changer. clearly the obama campaign, you know, were trying to spin their way on this one. and it's interesting night, and governor romney clearly had a good night by all accounts. even the obama folks and we'll see where it goes from here.
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>> and you'll be able to tell by who breaks a sweat behind you. >> that is right. and that is it for us here live in denver. and first, it's just the first. there are many more still to come. >> vice presidential debate coming up thursday, thanks for watching. >> welcome to hannity. we're live in we'll be joined by rob portman helping to prepare governor romney for the debate will join us tonight. senator marco rubio will be here. one of the things initial thoughts is that you saw the president in a way you've never seen him before. never before hammered this way on a sustained basis. this went on throughout the night.
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mitt romney energized and was staring at him the whole time, meaning the president. the president would look down, and looking to bail him out in this debate. we've never seen this before in president obama. there is a lot of ground to cover tonight of we'll check in with our focus group. we're live with a lot of voters out there. frank, interested in their reaction tonight. >> and there is in denver that voted accurately and how many of you thought barack obama was a winner, how many of you thought mitt romney? understand this. 13 of the 24 people voted for obama in 2008. why did mitt romney do so well? >> i just respected his ability to speak to issues that he was on point.
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he looked like he was well prepared. i was very impressed. >> i agree. same thing. decisive. leadership. >> jordan? >> had passion and he's been try and talked about leadership, we need that. >> notice you're telling me attributes and not substansz. not issues. how he performed rather than where he stood. >> this is to talk about social issues. we understand his business background, how well he's done. we haven't heard anything substantial. tonight i heard what i needed to hear from him. so you are now a romney supporter? >> absolutely. >> you weren't coming in here? >> nope. >> how many of you hadn't made up your minds before you came in here? everyone? how many made up your minds because of the debate? >> that is significant. you're one of the youngest people here, how old are you? >> 25. >> you'd be voting for barack obama? >> right. who are you going to vote for?
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>> romney. >> what did he say. >> he's a business owner and knows how to save money, cap things when spending gets too high and how to run a successful business. it's why he is where he's at z we have to run the country like a business. >> you're one of the youngest people here, barack obama has been doing well among women. did obama win you over here? >> i'm a former kindergarten teacher. i believe in getting alochblg i'm ready for a president to help get along with both parties to help our country do better. >> we're going show that segment because that is the number one segment of the debate. you had a different perspective. >> i didn't there are many specifics how he's going to do it. just felt like numbers didn't add up. i think that is hout president kind of came across with that. the numbers just don't add up. we've got a big decision and
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big things to make over next couple years w romney there, he's going to try to get reelected. >> let's see -- . >> obama is not. >> second round. >> barack obama's performance tonight, people watch something. >> flat. >> floot. >> week. >> slow. >> passionless. >> unpassionate. >> i thought it was flat. >> off his game. >> what was it? do you think he wasn't prepared? do you think it's been four years? >> he seemed like he wasn't prepared and seemed like romney had done thinking about the issues and obama just working off the talking points. >> i heard what sean hannity said earlier talking about this being obama at his weakest. i've done these sessions before and i thought this is romney at his strength. what is your reaction? >> this is -- romney i think he had a lot of facts and laid
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out his five-point plan. it makes sense but he came across with compassion which i appreciated. >> i think romney had a lot of passion and facts but i think that president obama has been so protected. he's never had to defend these policies face-to-face. he doesn't have the facts and he is defenseless because everybody that kept questioners away weren't able to do that. >> we're going to close. you lean towards obama. you're listening to this? what advice do you have for barack obama? >> he has to be more aggressive. i felt like mitt romney ready to jump in and i thought the moderator is not fair about the whole thing. every time he jumped in, you let him go. >> and there is -- we've done these in 2008 ask other networks in the past. i'll tell you i have not had a group that swung so much.
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and this is a big deal. >> it's a big deal. thank you very much. we're going to check back in with frank and his focus group of undecided colorado jortz first joining me now with reaction to the first presidential debate is florida senator marco rubio. good to see you. >> good to see you this is the thing that was almost stunning to me in terms of the dominance of the debate. >> there is my take is that the president never faced tough questions. the media sucking up to him, he was not prepared. you know? >> i'm here on behalf of the romney campaign and supposed to tell you he won and barack obama lost. i'm not saying they asked me to. it's true this, is no way you can watch tonight and not reach that conclusion. but i don't want to approach
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this as an athletic competition. the president and his rhetoric have never been exposed like like tonight. the president run out of basically myths to put out there and run out of excuses. they were debating about the tax increase. the president saying only 3% of taxpayers mitt romney said yeah but it happens to be where the jobs are. the president said can we change the subject? he said let's talk about something else. here is what is apparent. the president, you can see in body language, so uncomfortable talking about the economy, about debt and taxes. he doesn't understand it. i think for -- he just doesn't understand how jobs are created. >> sean: i tweeted that out tonight. he doesn't understand economics 101. >> and the only thing exposed tonight that you stand up and
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say yes, someone is doing thchl the president's attacks against republicans is built on a bunch of myths. this whole thing about we have tax credits to send jobs overseas mitt romney saying i've been in business 25 years very no idea what you are talking about. the president had no come back for that. >> sean: he kept saying well this is bill clinton's plan. bill clinton hasn't been president for four years. and romney kept going back to one in six americans in poverty. and 15 mill yn on food stamps. four years you have been president. he was almost running as if he never held the office. >> i think all of barack obama's attacks on mitt romney are based on myth. you can get away with that in a 30 second commercialist or an interview. but standing face-to-face with someone ready to call you out on it you're not going to get away with it. he was exposed.
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the president and his agenda exposed tonight z this race will never be the same after tonight. >> sean: a agree with that z this is interesting. because the meeting -- media never did do their job. mitt romney kept looking him in the eye. and obama looking down. didn't have answers and anecdotes didn't fit the question or moment. he was meandering. you know? for -- who bill mahr tweeted out i think he does need a teleprompter. >> the president built a mythical campaign. now you have to stand next to the person. there is another moment you're going raise $5 trillion in taxes. the answer is no, i'm not. i'm to going to do anything with tax that's increases national debt. the president nothing left to say he wanted to move away from the topic. >> sean: he was trying to explain to romney what romney's plan is. and other thing is that he's
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claiming governor romney had not been specific. he went through what -- where he stood on health care, what is wrong with obama care, choices he'd make differently on medicare. all of these things and the economy. and job creation. very specific. >> but he did something else proved why he's ready for the job. he said look. as an executive he's not running to be speech maker but chief executive of the united states of america. and this is what we're going to do. have you to work with legislative branch ask have to get democrats and republicans to vote for it. if you don't impose that on people, barack obama just wants to impose campaign speeches and shove it down the throat of the american people. it exposed why he'll be effective. >> is and very likeable, too. >> tonight i was glad so many millions of americans got to see the mitt romney we know. the person a great father, great husband and going to be an incredible president. >> sean: he's not the guy the
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president said wants to tro granny over the cliff. or wants dirty air and water and kids with autism and down's syndrome, senator, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. now, joining us now is the former republican vice presidential nominee went head to head with senator joe biden during 2008 campaign. the former alaska governor sara palin with us. governor, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> and let's start with the general observations of the debate. >> it was so encouraging. this is a great night for anyone who has been longing to low the -- know truly who could turn things around? we don't have to go bankrupt. we can restore all is good in our private sector and families in the middle class. mitt romney able to articulate what many of us have been desiring. a big government agenda, and
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policies of barack obama. do we have to repeat those? can ge we go into another direction? rely on those principle that's built up this country into the greatest nation on earth. can we go back to that direction now? mitt romney gave us a reason why now, we know we have a clear choice. the contrast made tonight. >> sean: i found the president stammering and on defense, mitt romney on offense. one moment interesting to me is when president obama couldn't explain his own debt. very a plan to reduce the deficit by $4 tril bin but given a $6 trillion in new debt. i wasn't sure that worked well for him. >> if you noticed mitt romney able to point out many things like that. promise that's barack obama had made for instance he said as a candidate he would cut the deficit in half and more than doubled the did he have it and added trillions to our
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already-mind boggling debt drowning this country. mitt romney able to point out many of the points many of us in the audience have been longing to hear barack obama be questioned about and have to give answers. barack obama did not have answers tonight. do you know why? he didn't have his buddy, the teleprompter in front of him writing out someone had written out for him in all of the years of being a candidate and the president. the answers. he finally had to be candid and rely on his own knowledge about how the economy works to answer these points that mitt romney was making. >> you know it's also when the president spoke about the economy he didn't seem to understand basic economic principals. i mean, you know, and when governor romney said $90 billion in sol lynn dra and you picked losers a direct attack and the president no answer for any of this. or the deficit or the debt or
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the lack of job creation. we're showing video you saw annoyance, i felt throughout the night with president obama. he wasn't looking down at notes and looking for jim lehr to bail him out. >> barack obama is used to being sheltered and coddled by the media. and by those surrounding him. tonight he wasn't able to rely on that kind of comfort zone he's used to. the reason he seems to inept tonight and kind of disenchanted and disconnected is finally there is a record that he can be called out on and that is what mitt romney was supposed to do and what he did. he succeeded tonight in calling barack obama out on broken promises and can't wait for the next debate. and failed poll sthaiz barack obama didn't want to repeat z again without having that
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teleprompter in front of him to basically tell him what to say. that is why we saw this ineptness tonight. >> sean: did he not have an answer for $716 billion he took out of medicare. he didn't have an answer for social security. this is not an entitlement. this is what? a return orn investment? welfare is an entitlement. on every point he lost on points, lost on style. and i was actually shocked you know we're told the president is this great communicator but he's only good at delivering speeches written by other people. >> anyone can be a actor get out on a stage repeating what other people are telling them to say and have written for them. this is a different situation when swun forced to be candid and stand on record. you saw that tonight. that is why you saw truly
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there is a choice for american voter in which direction america will go under which candidate can be chosen in november. now we have to be aware in the next couple debates also there is just by being truthful, doing a good job as a presidential candidate, these guys and the obama camp are not going go down without something. they're going pull something, sean and american public is kind of going along with what they want to do. the american public just needs to be aware that they have got to do their own home work. don't relie on the shelter of the media. be aware something could be pulled here to turn things around. >> there is 34 days out of an
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election this, president never asked about the promise he'd cut the deficit in half in the first term and gave us $6 trillion in debt and fewer americans working and there is media basically sold out the american people and not have done their job. governor, great to see you, thank you for being with us. still ahead on this post debate spin room edition more with frank luntz and his focus group z we'll be joined by rudy giuliani, juan williams and kirsten powers and the man who helped prep governor romney for tonight's debate, senator rob portman. >> second topic getting a deduction to take a plant overseas? i've been in business 25 years i have no idea what you're talk bchlgt i maybe need to get a new accountant. idea you get a break for shipping jobs over seas is not the case.
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>> sean: welcome back to this special debate edition of hannity. we're live in denver, colorado joining me now is frank luntz. he watched with a group of undecided colorado voters on the campus of colorado christian university. frank, back to you. >> and sean, we talked about 90 minutes there, moment by moment reaction. read line represents republicans and green, democrats there is one line scoring above everything else on the two candidates. that is what our undecided voters said was the highlight of the debate. >> as president i will sit down on day one, a day after i
8:27 pm
get elected with leaders democratic leaders as well as republican leaders. the reason i'm in this race is that there are people hurting today in this country. we face this deficit could crush the future generations what's happening in the middle east? there are developments that are of real concern. we need to have leadership, leadership in washington that will bring people together to get the job done and could not care less if its a republican or a democrat. i have done it before. i'll do it again. >> do you agree with that? >> yes. >> do you all agree? >> yes. >> what is so powerful for you? >> this fact that he'll bring people together to move forward. >> why does that matter? >> we need to make decisions and get the economy going we need to get people jobs and we
8:28 pm
need to cut the deficit for our children. >> who sounded less partisan tonight? >> that is -- they're both partisan because that is their nature. i like the way romney closed and said he'd bring people together. that is his record. >> i think that obama defined romney. tonight romney defined himself. >> why do you agree? >> because when this is misrepresent sented by president obama he pushed back over narrateor's objection. i appreciated that. i want -- that is part of leadership, to be bold. >> did he push back too hard? >> no. this is appropriate and able to resonate and connect with me like never before. >> and this is where he needed to be. he said i'm going to try to bring parties together. from my opinion he made it so
8:29 pm
far apart. i'm un -- it's unrecognizable. now, someone walks into a state with 87% democratic and there is where he was able to do good stuff. >> who voted for president obama in 2008? raise your hand. >> would you again? >> no. i need someone who can have a track record like he did in massachusetts. and even obama recognized that and brought it up, first. his track record with health care in this state. >> and there is romney not doing well with women. >> it wasn't brought up enough for me. >> so who voted for romney? who -- sorry for barack obama in 2008? now looking at voting for romney in 2012? did you switch because of the debate? >> absolutely. >> what happened? >> his leadership. we knew what he wanted to do.
8:30 pm
i've seen what he's done before. >> and this this clearly romney prosecuted obama's administration better than obama defended it tonight. >> and there is first i'm fan nate bid comments. two things i want to ask this focus group. and the first is that this is a very different amp yain than the president ran in 2008. and hope, change, and optimism z he's running a campaign now using class warfare saying republican splan for dirty skpair water and kids with autism and down's syndrome ask elderly will fend for themselves. this negate, did this debate ding romney and obama head to head did this negate this false narrative the president has been advance something did they get the sense that obama
8:31 pm
cannot run on his record because we have fewer americans working, $6 trillion in debt and 49 million on food stamps? >> and this is hard to defend a failed record like he has. romney came out and set forth clear points about how to turn the economy around and create job autos there is a difference between leadership and management. and romney is a leader in obama tried to manage this thing. >> it's an interesting point. >> this is a kind of -- . >> this is a competition between style and substance. have you to have something of substance to run a country like this and hold everyone together for the common good. and style, obviously hasn't worked for the last four years. >> houchl you thought -- how many of you thought romney
8:32 pm
exceeded your kpekt stations? how many of you thought obama fell short of your kpekt stations? what advice? are you moving towards obama? >> obama? be more on his game about showing the nonspecific nature of romney, he's not giving anything. >> you want obama to attack? >> absolutely. >> you want obama to attack? >> i want him to give the truth there. is a lot of truth being misrepresented by both sides not showing how anything can be done. >> you're the youngest person here, you moved towards rom fee tonight what. advice do you have for barack obama? >> he needs to change his demeanor, romney looking at obama and people. and looked like obama was sitting there being scolded and had his head down, wasn't looking and looking around trying to look aimlessly. he wasn't looking at the opponent or hardly ever looked at the people.
8:33 pm
looking down. >> and he was meek. and instead of looking out and appearing strong, confident he backed away. >> when you have a chance to talk about this as the election goes ahaechld you dwiz are great. i want to charge the university one of the best folk use groups i've had. who won the debate? >> romney. >> there you go. >> wow. >> and frank luntz that is a great observation about the president looking down, agitated and not seeming to want to be there. we'll talk about that. still plenty more still to come tonight. post debate edition of "hannity" and coming up next, rudy giuliani will join us and later on, juan williams and rob portman who helped well prepare mitt romney for the debate. ve lately.
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in one year you provided $90 billion to the green energy. that is about 50 years worth of what oil and gas receives and you say this goes small companies to drilling operators and so forth but if we get that tax rate from 35% down to 25% that.$8 million -- kbrinl is on the table probably not going to survive to get that rate down to 25% but you put $90 billion like 50 years worth of breaks
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into solar and wind. to sole lynn dra and fiska skpr. tesla. i had a friend that said you don't just pick winners and losers. you pick the losers. >> sean: welcome back to hannity. tonight marked the first occasion where president obama and his g.o.p. rival had a head to head opportunity to debate each other face-to-face. joining me now is the former new york city mayor and former presidential candidate, rudy giuliani. you're laughing. that is, you know $90 billion is a lot of money. he was right when he said a lot of the big bundlers got in there. >> what you just saw is what i would describe one of the six knockouts in that, he just knocked them down. and president couldn't even defend himself. >> did you see the president's body language? >> he is mad. i was not surprised at mitt's performance. he was on target.
8:38 pm
that was a perfect example of the fact very easily explained. he explained the economy to the american people the way you can understand it. you can understand why lowering taxes can help stimulate the economy what. shocked knee is how bad the president was. he looked lost and looked like he's searching for a teleprompter that wasn't there. and first segment on jobs and taxes romney beat him so badly he asked jim hehr, the president said let's move on to the next topic. i never heard anything say that before. no mas. you got me. >> sean: whatever the topic was how well prepared. the level of knowledge was deep. the thoughts that has gone into this z it's certain points talking about the economy, i got the impression he was almost a professor with a student. i felt barack obama was
8:39 pm
diminished in my eyes. >> looked to me i texted that to my wife and said looks like teacher and student. he's there, taking notes and he kept going back to the same points which is let me explain how revenue increases like economics 101 i thought a very good thing about it is that the governor had a consistent theme throughout the. all of the domestic programs. less government, more private sector. the way it works in america he says to the president is not by the government. not trickle down. that is a great one. he had a consistent theme throughout it. the government is important and has to help. government has to stimulate the private economy and it is really important. every answer to every question by barack obama was more government. whether education, taxes and
8:40 pm
health care. whether it's green energy, more government, more government. you know what is interesting? governor romney gave his answer on obama care. and he went through one, two, three, four five specific points why it doesn't work. health care $2500 you're going to have a panel of unelected people by the way is in the health care law. and some 4,000 times that day will be the final arbitors. i thought that was really, the president couldn't answer the $716 billion or rising cost of families and business. >> i thought that is probably the worst point in the debate. i thought his answer started to become wandering and confused. >> yes. >> i couldn't follow it. i couldn't follow his defense of himself that. is the point i almost felt sorry for him and said this is over. give him a teleprompter. >> sean: it was these anecdote that's didn't fit the question, the moment. and he got lost when speaking
8:41 pm
and couldn't follow him. it was not relevant. >> and this is a man with an easy ride for four years. and there are very view press conferences. and nobody challenges this. >> i zrnt a press conference a day when i was mayor. this is like a battle. >> hand to hand combat. >> keeps you sharp. >> not sharp and not on his toes and really? he doesn't have a record to defend. >> and did you notice to well, bill clinton did it this way. and romney said bill clinton said the era of big government is over and end of welfare as we know it. and he should have said "do you know bill clinton?". >> in the beginning president obama was very dough fencive
8:42 pm
saying this isn't about what happened in the past. this is what is going to happen in the future. that is like hey, don't hold me accountable for last four years of being president. >> sean: like four years never existed. and this is sounded to me like don't touch my record. >> what are you happier about, romney's big knockout or yankee autos yankees won 14-2? >> sean: and their division. >> i think mitt won by more than 14-2. >> sean: by the way, he's got a yankee's... can we get a close up. >> ipad here and pad over here. watching the debate. >> sean: thank you for being with us. and coming up next, the man who helped prepare him for the debate, senator rob portman then a view from the left checking in with juan williams as we continue from denver,
8:43 pm
colorado. straight ahead. >> energy is critical. production of oil and gas is up. but not due to his policies. in spite of his policies. mr. president, all of the increased in natural gas and oil has happened on private land not government land.
8:44 pm
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>> no economist can say it will add. number two i will not reduce the share paid by high income individuals. i know you and your running mate keep saying that and it's popular to say but it's just not the case. i've got five boys i'm yis used to people saying something that is not always true but just keep repeating it and hoping i'll believe it but that is not the case. i will not reduce taxes paid by high income americans and three, i will not under any circumstances raisin come taxes on middle income family autos he had to explain that three times to president obama. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" we're live in denver, colorado ef one can agree governor romney was the clear winner in tonight's debate. joining me now is the man who helped governor romney prepare his debate sparring partner
8:47 pm
ohio senator rob portman. >> good to see you. >> sean: dick cheney told me you're really good at this. and that this is interesting i know the president was preparing for days i foun the president struggling almost it seemed to like he was trying to remember debate prep. governor romney just there. and in the moment and never took his foot off the gas. >> i think the president is not being used to being asked questions. >> and when mitt romney was himself, you know he's a bright, capable guy z a good command of the facts and has got a good heart and that came out tonight. you said earlier he was likeable. because he's talking about what is to perfect interest of the american people. i you can get debate prep stuff and suggestions and snippets and all that. this comes down to who you are. >> and i've said on i'm on
8:48 pm
radio three hours a day. you can't fake it. people will see through you. and bring us behind the scenes. what goes on in debate prep? how do you do so well of getting into minds of the opponent that's you're sparring with? >> and this idea is that you try to try to be tougher than your opponent is likely to be. and this is -- i don't think that the president said anything that is a surprise to us. and this is about the candidate. this is mitt romney's night, he did a terrific job explaining why he's running for president. and that is good, american people need to understand why
8:49 pm
he's running. he talked about how the next four years can be better. and also, that he has proactive plans that are going to get america working again. that is what undecided voters need to hear. >>
8:50 pm
looking for that. what they heard is negative ads. and republicans want dirty air, water and want to throw granny over the cliff. which the president couldn't bring up here. and this is so inaccurate. >> he tried to and was corrected. >> which is important. and that is the presidential candidate you can't say that. >> what do you think about the next format? which is a town hall? different format. maybe one that president obama will be more comfortable in. and he couldn't look at governor romney tonight z he seem aggravated and didn't want to be there. what is the difference between two formats? >> i think governor romney will do well in town hall format. and i think the president will do very well, also. i mean, as you say that is a format he likes. the problem is going to be policies and this, i can't reason on hi record and so
8:51 pm
we're going to keep doing the same thing we're doing well it's mitt romney laid out clearly things haven't gotten better but worse in economic growth and last year and last year qlor than the year so that doesn't work well then said i'm going do the same stuff i've been doing and there is going to be a better result. so whether this is podium, still, the president is going to have a tough time. >> i like this format tonight. free flowing and i felt closer to a real debate. >> and there is good to see you, coming up next we're going to get the left's take on the dean -- debate. as we continue from denver, colorado this special edition of "hannity" straight ahead.
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now if you take such an unbalance add approach that means you're going to be gutting our investments in schools and education and means governor romney just talked about medicaid and how we can send it back to the states but this means a 30% cut in the primary program we held for seniors in nursing homes and kids with disabilities. >> when you talk about shifting medicaid to states we're talking about a 30 -- 30% cut in medicaid over time. now, that may not seem like a big deal when it is just numbers on a sheet of paper but if we're talking about a family who has got an autistic
8:56 pm
kid and depending on that medicaid, that is a big problem. >> welcome back to "hannity". that is the president reverting back to an old trick, republicans, their plan to have kids with autism and down's syndrome fending for them selfs and fear mongering we're joined by well, fox news political analyst kirsten powers and juan williams you're disagreeing. two polls have come out. cnn and cbs show huge margin of victory for mitt romney tonight. >> that is what i've just been listening to various surrogates on the floor, democrats on the dpeensive, republicans rejoicing but that is not my perception watching the debate. >> we sat in the same room. and you know, to me, you weren't listening to me, were you? >> well, of course not. >> but when i heard you know... governor romney say that is right.
8:57 pm
you know? i'm for vouchers on medicare, no specifics in terms of how we apay for and what is he doing? >> sean: do you watch 60 minutes he explained billion dollars from obama care off the top z he went lieu very specific how we save money. he laid out a marker tonight. hang on. if we have to borrow from our grandkids and kids, 40 seconds per dollar that does not meet the test we can justify that program. >> good answer. >> that is i think i saw it was a very strong night for rom nee. and he was strong and obama was weak. it's not surprising you're seeing people saying that they
8:58 pm
preferred romney. >> sean: where was the president? he looked disengaged. he just one of the people in the focus group said he looked meek. a lot of them he said he looked meek and weak. i agree and romney was strong and projecting strength. >> sean: comfortable, confident looking at obama and looking out. obama just sort of looking down. he didn't feel like he wanted to do that. >> sean: do you remember four years ago mccain won't look at obama. it's like you've got to look your opponent in the eye, dead on. say what you feel. say it with confidence. he's looking down, getting anoied. >> i didn't think that. but i thought there is really a debate gf ideas and you can see the contrast between the two. now... what i'm picking up is that people said why didn't the president bring up bain?
8:59 pm
why didn't he bring up off shore accounts? why wasn't he more aggressive in the way mitt romney was saying i'm going to finish my comment and ignoring her. >> i argue romney left a lot on the table. there are multiple opportunities and he left a lot of lines on the table. i think was he was only going to use it if obama reverted to that. >> and there is line coming out he sudden have done 47%. i think, the way romney was acting tonight i think he would have just had to have an answer for everything. and very on point z very confident. and i think projecting strength is the thing people goring to pick up on. >> this is the bottom line. we have $6 trillion in new debt. fewer americans working.


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